Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

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Accidents attorney means injury lawyer

Accidents involving trucks usually mean being involved in a collision with a commercial carrier. Truck drivers of these large trucks are professionals and trained to drive safely. Even with responsible trained truck drivers, but still the U.S. Department of Transportation reports there are over 500,000 truck related accidents with approximately 4,000 resulting in fatalities every year.

Commonly collisions involve trucks and other types of motor vehicles result in injuries to the occupants of the passenger vehicle. Data shows that in truck and passenger vehicle and motorcycle collisions fatality rate can be as high as 98 percent. Victims who survive are faced with painful physical injuries, extensive medical treatment and financial hardships. After an event of this type it can be difficult for the victim or the family who has lost a loved one to be too confused to think clearly about what steps they should take involving the legal ramifications.

This is a physically uncomfortable time for the person has been injured for this individual and the family fatally injured family member and is an emotionally vulnerable time. The best legal steps to take as soon as possible is often the last thing considered and this is one mistake can jeopardize your legal rights to recover a settlement. This is exactly when a personal injury lawyer can be beneficial with their legal expertise in truck accidents.

There are some common causes of truck collisions, which include driver fatigue, improper training, lack of proper maintenance, along with drugs and alcohol. The legal advocate will investigate the cause by subpoenaing records from the trucking company and the truck driver service logs. The service logs will document the amount of hours the driver was on the road and weather it was more hours than legally permitted, as well as if they were past problems in the driving record such as substance abuse reckless driving. The documents obtained from the trucking company will provide information about the actual truck and its maintenance. Determining if the truck was overloaded, if it was mechanically sound, and if they had proper lighting and reflectors visible to other drivers is important to your case. The experienced truck accident injury attorney will focus on the important details that other attorneys may miss.

In truck accidents, it is possible the trucking company will deny liability, even though their driver is clearly at fault. It’s also possible as a person who was hurt or family who lost a loved one to receive an offer of settlement and without legal representation chances are it will be in adequate and financially unfair.

In either of these events having the representation of a personal injury lawyer specializing in truck accidents can determine the worth of the case and whether an out-of-court settlement is fair. If the settlement is unfair and cannot be negotiated adequately, the next step is a jury trial. It is important for the injured victim or the family whose loved one has been fatally injured to remember the insurance company is not on your side, they represent the trucking company. This is why in these types of devastating mishaps, it is essential to have an accomplished personal injury lawyer to protect your legal rights and financial interests.