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Accidents attorney means injury lawyer

Setting up a consultation with James P. Carr PC is easy enough to manage. You can either email us using the email form to the left or call us toll free. James P. Carr PC makes sure that you always have someone to speak to 24/7 so that even in the immediate aftermath of an accident or injury you are able to get the advice you need to proceed.

You might be hesitant to come down to our Los Angeles or satellite offices. How much damage could speaking to an attorney confidentially do, anyway?

Well, there are many legal intricacies that many clients miss right after an event. Knowing how a reckless party or insurance company may try to get out of compensating victims of injury is vital to avoid missteps from the beginning. Certain parties may try to get misleading information to then present it to the court to reduce or remove claims. Knowing your rights from the start is essential in determining how to proceed.

Any of the skilled and experienced attorneys at James P. Carr PC are also able to establish a rapport with you, finding out what happened to you and the pain and suffering that you may be going through. A free consultation is meant to be low pressure and to allow you to get to know your prospective attorney and their experience. James P. Carr PC’s role in winning hundreds of personal injury and other cases and recovering millions for our clients is second to none– and it shows. Having legal help in your corner at a moments notice shows how far he and his team will go to make sure that you have the appropriate representation and tools at your disposal to guide you through this difficult time in your life.

To set up a meeting, please give us a call at any time and let us show you how we can assist.