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No matter how big your TV’s become, they can never replace the fun of having to see a sporting event live in the stadium. The fact that you are there when the battle is taking place, making noise with thousands of others and having fun with your family, makes TV entertainment an underdog. Players often get hurt during their plays especially in sports like football, rugby, hockey etc. However, the spectators should never get hurt because they are there only to have fun and not take part in the sport or become a victim of some unruly act.

Who Do Bystanders Sue?

However, it is not rare to get hurt in stadiums as well. Most people who get injured in such places have no idea who to hold responsible. Should they sue the person who hurt them or the ownership and management of the stadium? It is close to impossible to catch the person who injured you when there are thousands of people in such a small place. Oftentimes, you would get hurt by something that was hurled by someone far away from you among thousands of people. There is no way you can catch that person and ask for compensation.

The important thing to know here is that it is in your right to hold the management and organizers of these events responsible when you get hurt. When they organize such events and call thousands of people to watch an event in one premises, they have to provide the all-needed security to keep the spectators safe from such accidents.

The many ways you can get hurt while enjoying at a stadium are given under:

  • People can get hurt at such sporting events when they are hit by something thrown by someone. Many stadiums have levels and the balcony of the stadium is a place from where people can throw objects on people watching the game from the seating area beneath them. People can throw objects when they are drunk.
  • People can get trampled when the organizers sell tickets without taking into account the maximum capacity of the stadium or arena. Any accidents due to this reason will bring organizers in an uncomfortable position.
  • Slips and falls are quite common in stadiums. It is not only because people throw stuff on the ground but at times the floors are wet because they have been recently cleaned and mopped. Drinks get spilled and food items thrown on the ground. If an event was organized, the organizers must take measures to take care of such problems too.
  • People can get assaulted in stadiums and in stadium parking lots too. Things become quite easy for the perpetrators of such acts when there is not enough light. The organizers must ensure to have security guards in such places too.
  • Sometimes the construction in the stadium is not good enough to be relied on. The fences that provide protection along the edges of different levels of the stadium must be in good condition. If people get hurt due to maintenance and construction faults, the organizers will be held responsible.
  • Organizers of sporting events must also make sure to provide proper signage to keep the drivers and pedestrians informed about the status of the road. The drivers should be aware when there is an intersection or a stop.
  • The organizers must also make sure to keep the spectators protected from objects coming from the field to the seating area. There should be a fence or protection between the seating area and playing field for protection.

Accidents can take place at such public events. There are several videos of incidents where people were severely injured or killed while watching a sporting event. The organizers have to make sure to keep things under control and provide full security to people. They are inviting people within premises they own or have rented, and so they are liable towards them if the people are injured.

However, figuring out who the culprit is in such incidents can be quite difficult. You cannot do this job on your own. You have to take such matters to the people who are professionally trained to take care of them. Carr Law is there to help you with such incidents. The professional lawyers of the firm are fully aware of the laws and regulations that revolve around accidents taking place at such events.

The permanent or temporary owners of a place have several public liabilities associated with their premises and things happening within the premises. If you have been hurt in an accident or someone you love has received injuries, you should contact James P. Carr, PC as soon as possible. The professional lawyers with years of experience will help you with your case with a free first consultation to know about your case in depth.

Properly Accumulating Credentials and their Application

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Getting out of law school may seem like enough. You have your J.D., passed the bar, and completed an internship. For all extents and purposes, you just want to get the proverbial show on the road. Many attorneys jump straight from school into a firm and not think twice about what it means to be a truly well-rounded lawyer. Furthermore, beyond the office, there are many aspects of finding and retaining clients that have to do with your public face.

Below you can find some ideas on how to further burnish your stats sheets and let people know about what you bring to the table.

Your Accomplishments Combined with Field of Study

With the advent of the internet, many potential clients will do research about their prospective attorneys. They often don’t just look in a phone book, but have various tools to learn more, including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Angie’s List, and others. There is so much data out there that attorneys have to work hard to hone their public image and how it gets out.

A Juris Doctorate is a great accomplishment, as is passing the state bar. However, there are many other aspects that attorneys can build upon to ensure that they are always up to speed with the latest trends and case law and become relevant in their region. These can include many aspects such as:

  • Post-graduate work, especially in emerging legal fields
  • Volunteer experience, which can also take place with the disadvantaged or up-and-coming attorneys and law students
  • Listing of businesses that you’ve had as clients and how you helped them
  • Writing articles for scholarly journals, trade magazines, or books
  • Building a network of blog and website resources
  • Presentations and public speaking experience
  • Guest appearances on television and radio
  • Teaching, either through seminars or in the university system
  • Involvement and leadership in legal organizations

There are many ways for an attorney to allow people to understand the depth of their experience. It is important that this allow your firm to become one that is well respected within your specialty and in the public sphere. You have been through a lot to become an attorney, and using the skills that got you through law school and the bar, you can accomplish even more.

Carr Law is a personal injury and auto accident specialist in the Los Angeles area. The head attorney, Mr. Carr, is involved in many organizations to assist attorneys in better serving their clients.

Don’t Blow the Statute!

Letting a statute of limitations date run on clients has always been a unavoidable part of many lawyer’s career. It seems that this practice is not going away very soon. Even though we have the new computerized calendars in our possession today that can store almost any type of information and remind us about events at the right time, things have not changed in the matter of SOL. We don’t say here that the new technology has failed in delivering because the truth is that lawyers are often the entities who make the mistake of missing their deadlines even when they know them.

There are several things that can cause a lawyer to botch his SOL. Some important tips are given below so any responsible attorneys and lawyers can avoid the worst case of missing out on deadlines on client cases.

Verification Of Facts From Sources That Are Reliable

Any facts that need to be uncovered and investigated before the SOL runs out must be confirmed from only the most reliable sources. You wouldn’t want to believe the words of your client all the time. If you want to confirm the date of accident, the time of collision, the exact place of accident and the name of the person who was driving, you must refer to the police records. Police records are reliable sources in this scenario. You might be constantly pursuing the negligent driver in the case and thinking that he is the owner of the vehicle when the case might be otherwise.

You should have ample knowledge of SOL and other statutes as to how they are applicable in different states. If you think that there are too many things to investigate in a very limited SOL duration, just say no to your client or you will get yourself in trouble.

Be Responsible For Things That Are Your Responsibilities

You should always have the right knowledge on when the SOLs will run on different aspects of the case and so the final decision should be your responsibility. It is best that you let your supporting staff create the SOL information and have it confirmed from you as to what the correct dates are. Manage time however you can to review everything on the file and case. The type of case, dates of hearings, names of parties involved, venue of the case etc. are pieces of information that you must know.

Reminders Are Your Best Friends

Set reminders and let the new computerized calendars help you on this one. The important thing here is to set the reminder dates prior to the actual deadlines or you will end up missing the deadlines for sure. If there is some work left the cushion you have kept to yourself by deploying an early reminder time will help you complete those tasks.

Withdrawing Should Be Done On Time

If you are thinking of withdrawing from a particular case then you should be responsible with this procedure as well. You don’t want to give your client a shock or surprise by withdrawing all of a sudden. The best practice by most professional lawyers is to inform the clients of their withdrawal nearly 6 months prior to their withdrawal.

If a client misses the SOL because you informed him about your withdrawal right when the SOL was about to run, you will be approached for recovery. In addition to that, when you know the client has brought a case to you in which there is not enough time to perform the tasks that are your responsibility, say no to the client.

Keep A Diary With You

Keep a diary with you to note down all the important dates of your case. Act like a salesman who keeps all the records of his sales, customers and the times when he will meet or call his customers. You want to make sure that you keep in touch with your client so he/she does not feel that you have completely forgotten about the case. In addition to that, you can note down important deadlines on the diary on a specific page and make sure you visit this page regularly to know what your high priority tasks are.

Filing Suit In Time

You have to ensure to file suit on time as well. It is always highly advised by the most professional lawyers that you file suit before there is only one month left from the SOL. This gives you enough time to revisit any errors that you might have made during the collection of information and filing. You never know when a natural disaster might ruin your files, an illness might prevent you from working or some other mishap might put all your activities at a stop. There are some firms that are very strict with the rule that an attorney should have his suit filed before there is only one month left for the SOL to run out.

Carr Law Works on Contingency

Ask a Question about Personal Injury law

Accidents attorney means injury lawyer

Our reputation in the greater Los Angeles area and across Southern California was not built overnight. The steady, compassionate work done by our attorneys stands out for many accident victims because of our dedication and results. Our leader, James Carr, is a veteran of many trials. Whether our client was the victim of a slip and fall, car accident, bus accident, or one at work, we are able to use our years of experience to work for them.

Attorney James Carr also behaves differently from most law firms. Our staff sees our clients as our new partners that we get to know personally. Their fight becomes ours. We make sure that they get quality medical care– and the means to pay for it. We ensure that they have effective therapy or rehabilitation to deal with the long term consequences of their accident. We work with the government to find compensation for loss of income. We work with– and in some cases challenge– either your insurance company or the one of the reckless party that caused it. We also make sure that the party that caused the accident is held responsible. Carr Law offers many services, including:

  • Round the clock consultations
  • If we don’t win, you don’t get a bill
  • Finding and paying for medical care
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Personal, respectful service

This time is very difficult for you, especially due to mounting bills and possibly being out of work. This is why personalinjuryattorneyfaq only works on contingency (Learn More.) That means that we don’t ask for a penny up front and nothing at all unless we recover for you. We aim to win and tie our reputation and our own checkbooks to that promise. We can even front money out of our own pocket to cover some medical expenses or the costs of hiring a specialist to investigate the cause and circumstances of the accident.