Properly Accumulating Credentials and their Application

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Getting out of law school may seem like enough. You have your J.D., passed the bar, and completed an internship. For all extents and purposes, you just want to get the proverbial show on the road. Many attorneys jump straight from school into a firm and not think twice about what it means to be a truly well-rounded lawyer. Furthermore, beyond the office, there are many aspects of finding and retaining clients that have to do with your public face.

Below you can find some ideas on how to further burnish your stats sheets and let people know about what you bring to the table.

Your Accomplishments Combined with Field of Study

With the advent of the internet, many potential clients will do research about their prospective attorneys. They often don’t just look in a phone book, but have various tools to learn more, including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Angie’s List, and others. There is so much data out there that attorneys have to work hard to hone their public image and how it gets out.

A Juris Doctorate is a great accomplishment, as is passing the state bar. However, there are many other aspects that attorneys can build upon to ensure that they are always up to speed with the latest trends and case law and become relevant in their region. These can include many aspects such as:

  • Post-graduate work, especially in emerging legal fields
  • Volunteer experience, which can also take place with the disadvantaged or up-and-coming attorneys and law students
  • Listing of businesses that you’ve had as clients and how you helped them
  • Writing articles for scholarly journals, trade magazines, or books
  • Building a network of blog and website resources
  • Presentations and public speaking experience
  • Guest appearances on television and radio
  • Teaching, either through seminars or in the university system
  • Involvement and leadership in legal organizations

There are many ways for an attorney to allow people to understand the depth of their experience. It is important that this allow your firm to become one that is well respected within your specialty and in the public sphere. You have been through a lot to become an attorney, and using the skills that got you through law school and the bar, you can accomplish even more.

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