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Legal Information Concerning Contingency Fees, Guaranties and Warranties

Attorneys charge a contingency fee that is based on a percentage of the gross recovery as their payment. There are ethical guidelines that prevent them from advertising what the costs of case preparation and prosecution of a lawsuit, which is waived until there is a recovery in the claim. The lawyer cannot declare they will waive costs at the start of the claim. This website exclusively disclaims, there is any promotion of forfeiting costs, when there has been no economic or additional type of compensation recovered. There is no contingency fee charged, by a contingency fee lawyer, unless there is an economic recovery, unless there has been a retainer specified. Our attorneys and law firm establishes such representation of no retrieval of a fee implies or involves a waiver of monetary value for expert witnesses, investigative labors, medical records or police reports.
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James P. Carr, PC represents injured victims of dog bite attacks, serious personal injury cases involving broken bones, broken teeth, nerve damage and other personal harm. James is an advocate for the elderly and disadvantaged. The law firm handles landlord tenant disputes, defense and plaintiff. James represents honest clients, if you are dishonest or involved in a plot to defraud the insurance company; James is not interested in your case.