Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Federal Court After “The Price is Right” Appearance

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By Jim Carr – Another case of fraud in injury law, that we lawyers need to discuss. You see, it is not always bad lawyers.  Sometimes we get clients who are untruthful.  Here is a case of alleged fraud to explain what I mean. Former North Carolina postal worker Cathy Wrench Cashwell plead guilty to fraud in federal court, after appearing on the game show The Price is Right.

Cashwell had claimed that she was injured and could not lift mail trays, but in her appearance on the game show she had no difficulty in spinning the wheel.  According to reports the former postal worker had been collecting worker’s compensation payments since 2004, after claiming she was injured on the job. The workers compensation paperwork was filed in September 2011, in which she claimed a left shoulder injury made it impossible for her to sit, stand, kneel, bend, squat, climb, reach or grasp, federal investigators said.

Not one time, but twice in an appearance on The Price is Right, in 2009 Cashwell was able to reach up and spin the “big wheel” the show is famous for in her television show appearance.  In an indictment filed September 2012 state Cashwell raised her left arm above her head in gripping the handle of the big wheel with her left hand.  During the second spin the former postal worker lifted both arms above her head to grip the handle of the wheel with both hands.

It is also alleged that during an August  2010 vacation Cashwell went ziplining.  Cashwell entered a guilty plea in federal court and is scheduled to be sentenced in September. The former postal worker has made no statements about her appearance on the popular television game show or her plea in federal court. Clearly, if these allegations are true, we have problems here with this government employee. The question should be, why are so many people trying to work attorneys to make them inadvertently work the system? No?

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