Carr Law Works on Contingency

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Accidents attorney means injury lawyer

Our reputation in the greater Los Angeles area and across Southern California was not built overnight. The steady, compassionate work done by our attorneys stands out for many accident victims because of our dedication and results. Our leader, James Carr, is a veteran of many trials. Whether our client was the victim of a slip and fall, car accident, bus accident, or one at work, we are able to use our years of experience to work for them.

Attorney James Carr also behaves differently from most law firms. Our staff sees our clients as our new partners that we get to know personally. Their fight becomes ours. We make sure that they get quality medical care– and the means to pay for it. We ensure that they have effective therapy or rehabilitation to deal with the long term consequences of their accident. We work with the government to find compensation for loss of income. We work with– and in some cases challenge– either your insurance company or the one of the reckless party that caused it. We also make sure that the party that caused the accident is held responsible. Carr Law offers many services, including:

  • Round the clock consultations
  • If we don’t win, you don’t get a bill
  • Finding and paying for medical care
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Personal, respectful service

This time is very difficult for you, especially due to mounting bills and possibly being out of work. This is why personalinjuryattorneyfaq only works on contingency (Learn More.) That means that we don’t ask for a penny up front and nothing at all unless we recover for you. We aim to win and tie our reputation and our own checkbooks to that promise. We can even front money out of our own pocket to cover some medical expenses or the costs of hiring a specialist to investigate the cause and circumstances of the accident.