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Boats are meant to be used to enjoy the good weather. With plenty of places across California to take out a personal boat or get on one owned by someone else, riders don’t expect an injury while out on the water. Unfortunately, there are many cases each year where injuries involving boats come about.

This can include mechanical or piloting problems on a boat or other watercraft or a boat or jet ski hitting someone in the water. Any of these cases can lead to severe injury and the risk of drowning. When challenged with such a result, making sure that the victim is taken care of and the reckless party held responsible is vital.

In either case, an attorney that is skilled in the rules of the sea and personal injury is best suited to take on such a case. They can deal with the other party, insurance companies, and in handling medical bills and questions. This way there is less to worry about and the guarantee that your legal rights will be protected.

Different Boating Accidents and Injuries

The unique combination of a boat’s size and shape, coupled with the fact that it is over water can lead to many issues. These could lead to death, especially in the case of drowning. There are usually commonalities between boat accidents in California, which can include severe injuries.

Often these terrible things will include:

  • Drowning risk
  • Severe muscle strain from struggling with the water
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis

Legal Representation is Key

When facing all of these different factors, fighting them alone is unwise. Having a skilled an experienced advocate that has handled (and won) similar cases is the best move you can make. The attorneys at the James Carr law offices are able to assist you in dealing with the insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and medical professionals. Their attention to detail in constructing a case has earned them their reputation. Their hundreds of victories and millions of dollars recovered speak for themselves. Call us today for a free consultation.