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The Main Reasons Car Accidents Occur.

Shockingly, an automobile accident occurs every 10 seconds each and every day in the U.S. But there quite a few reasons exist why a car crash can occur. Basically, 4 main causes trend for motoring accidents.

  • Poor automobile maintenance.
  • Failure of equipment.
  • The driver’s behavior.
  • Poor road design.

Along with the behavior of the driver, at least one of these above factors accompanies most any car accident. For instance, a driver may claim an accident wouldn’t have occurred had the roads not been bumpy. There frequently careless behavior was going on with the driver as well.

Importance of Safety Standards.

When any part of an automobile is not in good working order, this is equipment failure. By law, any vehicle sold to the public by an automaker must pass minimum safety standards. However, once the warranty has expired, the maintenance of the motor car rests on the driver.

A few essential elements of vehicle maintenance include:

  • Suspension and steering system – A driver relies upon these to properly maneuver the vehicle around various obstacles while driving. When the suspension system does not work properly, grave danger risks exist. Because of the bad shocks, etc., drivers can not properly steer. So these cars can’t sufficiently avoid or move around obstacles and other drivers. Hence, a maintenance check should often be done. Mechanics suggest inspections of the steering and suspension system every 10,000 miles.
  • Tires – The tires on a vehicle should be checked on a regular basis. This helps to ensure no problems exist for over inflation, under inflation. Also, it helps spot balding, which could quickly cause the risk of a blow-out. These result in damage to the vehicle. But they can also cause serious automobile accidents.
  • Braking system – The braking system on a vehicle should get checked regularly. This ensures brakes work properly. And it makes sure brake pads stay good and tight.

While equipment failure may only cause under 5% of car accidents, always keeping a vehicle properly maintained is very important.

Other Factors to Consider in a Car Accident Case.

While several drivers may blame car crashes on poorly maintained roadways, another factor is almost always bad roads. And this is careless driving. Other factors also include hazardous visibility.

So that includes such things as traffic signs and signals. But also covered is the surface of roadways, poor road design, guard rails, and speed bumps. When careless driving is added to these factors, it can cause an automobile accident.

Roads Can Interfere too.

Some accidents result from poorly maintained roads. Car wrecks on roads are almost always from the driver’s negligence. Car crashes from poor road maintenance usually happen from potholes, dirt, and debris, or road construction. But in places like Big Bear and San Bernardino, the salting and sanding of roads during the cold months of the winter can cause skids.

Whenever a driver operates a motor vehicle, exercise caution. And if you speed and can’t stop in time due to salt, construction, or other factors, you will likely be liable. You must prepare for obstruction and rain and adjust for the conditions.

Reckless Driving Does Not Help.

The number one reason for car crashes is the carelessness of a driver. This includes such things as driving a motor vehicle driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But other factors remain speeding, failure to abide by traffic lights and signs, and tailgating.

And most of us have seen drivers not using signals correctly. Some even fail to avoid pedestrians and make improper lane changes. Also, they drive, talk and text on cell phones. Still, others fail to yield. There are also road ragers who engage in aggressive acts.

So they may resort to shouting, blowing the horn, and flashing lights at other drivers. These brutes and others are placing everyone at risk for an injury or death.

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