Train Crash Destruction in California

In what is sure to be one of the worst tragedies in the news, at least 51 people have been injured and 4 people are in critical condition, after a commuter train collided with a tractor trailer truck earlier today northwest of Los Angeles. The crash was reported at 5:44 a.m. in Ventura County according to Oxnard Police Sgt. Denise Shadinger.

Authorities said that many victims were treated for head and extremity injuries and the truck involved in the collision became engulfed in flames. They said at the time of the collision the train was traveling much lower than its cruising speed of 79 miles per hour. Oxnard Fire Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez said when the conductor became aware of the big rig emergency protocol was established. The train tracks located 65 miles from Los Angeles where the collision occurred were straight, providing the conductor time to begin braking after seeing the truck.

At the time of impact the train traveling from Ventura County to Los Angeles was carrying 51 passengers officials said. According to a Ventura County fire official the driver of the big rig survived the crash and fled the scene of the collision, but was apprehended by authorities less than a mile from the accident. Witnesses say the driver of the truck was captured soon after when he was seen running from the scene after he parked the truck on the tracks. There is not additional information on whether this was done on purpose, or by accident.