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Accidents attorney means injury lawyer

Welcome to Personal Injury Attorney FAQ. This is the law office website of James Carr, PC. For over 30 years we have been winning big money for California consumers. Have you been injured in a city such as Encino, Rancho Palos Verdes Estates, or Manhattan Beach?

Have a question about personal injury law claims in Greater Los Angeles? James Carr or a venerated staff member can answer your personal injury faqs.

Most L.A. consumers come to this site because they were involved in a bad car accident. But some lost a family member due to a motorcycle crash. So this site covers negligence laws of the State of CA.

Also, we discuss jurisdictional differences between the states from time to time. So if you are perusing and don’t need a lawyer, feel free to take your time and read on. However, if you require speaking to a lawyer right away, call us at a location near you.

How Do We Help Manhattan Beach and LA Personal Injury Victims?

Our Manhattan Beach law offices assist badly injured victims. Most people suffered physical or mental harm. And in other cases, a dearly beloved may have died in a wrongful death.

In other words, we help people harmed by the negligence of others. Most of all, we go after big corporations and other bad actors. Negligence law comes from English Common law. It is based upon “tort” law. A “personal injury attorney” is someone practices in the area of tort law. This is what James does for you as your legal representative. And he does so as a trial lawyer in all local courts.

  • We Help With the Common Not So Common Accidents that Cause Personal Injuries.

An example of the types of cases a PI lawyer would take is a car accident insurance claim. For example, the person who hit you has a claim submitted to his or her liability insurance carrier. Then you would get paid for pain, suffering, lost income, and medical bills.

And yes we seek recovery of money to restore or replace plaintiff’s vehicle. But we also seek payments for other destroyed property. A not so common case we regularly help victims with would be an elevator accident. Or it could be a cruise ship rape.

So these can be cases where recovery of money damages is governed under a plethora of treaties. Also, there will be passage contracts, waivers, and stipulations. Last, there can be a battle over the legal time to bring a case. Failure to abide by statues means to be forever barred from recovery of general and economic losses.

We cover all these topics here. And we have experience in all types of irregular and unusual cases. In some cases, our help can result in windfall like recoveries. Some people were unable to find a lawyer, to begin with.

And this was due to the complexities and lack of knowledge by many lawyers. Simply put, lots of attorneys are not familiar with the nuances. After all, these are multi-faceted personal injury claims. In any event, by hiring this legal group, you are on track to win your case.

What Make Our South Bay Personal Injury Law Offices Different?

First and foremost, we educate consumers to avoid accidents. But if you are in an unavoidable mishap, James P. Carr himself has over $150,000,000.00 in verdicts and settlements. And he is established as a renowned trial attorney. So we have the experience and knowledge that only comes from being veteran Los Angeles accident attorneys. James himself is a member of ABOTA.

Moreover, he tried many cases over his life. Come and join the discussion. Also, feel free to comment, or even call us. Go ahead and ask us your specific questions about traffic accidents, dog bites, and elderly abuse. We can help with anything related to negligence lawsuits. Make that call, and we’ll do it all at (424) 354-4027.

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